Blood on The Brine

Episode 1: Maiden Voyage

Road Trouble

The crew of The Rebecca find themselves shipwrecked on Torath-Ka, The Savage Lands! After captain Jonas Abraham struck an unknown obstacle, the hull was severely damaged leaving the ship to quickly flood. Several of the men below the deck were sicker out of the ship instantly. Captain Abraham, an englishman, was able to swiftly maneuver he boat to the shore and safely beach the vessel despite the raging fire that had occured onboard.


After beaching the vessel, Jonas Abraham ordered his crew to begin salvaging the cargo and supplies from the ship before it sank or burmed.

He tasked several of his other crew off on anot her mission, however. He selected crewmen who were the most diversified and effective as a group and sent them is search of provisions.
Eager to leave this horrid place and deliver the cargo, the team went out immediately to search for something to eat and help the rest of the crew get back on their feet.



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