Cap'n PegBody and Flubby McFlapperkins

"A head on a stick and his simpleton," or "Square peg; round hole"


Flubby’s stats

  • Agility: D6
  • Smarts: D4
  • Spirit: D6
  • Strength: D12 + 2
  • Vigor: D8
  • Charisma: -2 (YARRRR!)
  • Pace: 4
  • Parry: 8
  • Toughness: 8
  • Skills
    • Swimming: D4 + d6
    • Boating: D4
    • Intimidation: D6
    • Fighting: D12
    • Stealth: D4
    • Persuasion: D4
    • Throwing: D4
    • Notice: D4
    • Knowledge: D4


  • blubber
    • +1 toughness
    • +4 for cold fatigue rolls
  • semi-aquatic
    • free d6 on swim rolls
    • fatigue level for every 15 minutes holding breath
  • size + 1
    • +1 toughness
  • strong
  • trademark weapon (+1 fighting)
  • frenzy
    • extra fighting attack at -2 per attack


  • all thumbs
    • -2 for all mechanical device
  • blubber
    • -2 on fatigue rolls for heat
  • dumb
  • slow
    • pace of 4 on dry land
  • quirk
    • a head
    • mute
  • ugly (-2 charisma)
  • seasick

Pegbody’s stats

  • speaks Masaquani
  • Warhammer stats:
    • Str + D6
    • AP + 1 against rigid armor
  • Trademark weapon buffs:
    • +1 fighting
      My notes suck, I’ll have to come back to this


Pegbody (formerly Peabody) is an English-descent pirate that operated in the Caribbean during the first half of the 19th century. Flubby is a mute Grael of Grael-descent that operated as a simpleton combing the beach for lack of friends during the first half of his teenage years. They both wanna fight a sea hag and might dig each other.


Cap’n Peabody, scourge of the six seas (he stole one of them) was the most feared swashbuckling scallywag to sail the Caribbean! Peabody grew up in an English Protestant home on the outskirts of Belfast. Despite being English, he was tormented by the other children for being a ginger and simultaneously rejected by the Irish for being English. He turned his anger into a tough hide of gruffness and wore that emotional armor into his early days as a merchant sailor.

He quickly learned the ways of the sea and got a taste for the life of a pirate when his lifelong friend, disgraced Rear Admiral of the British Royal Navy, Wilford “Bear” Brimley, taught Peabody. And taught him. And taught him. And. Taught. Him.

He also formed a strong attachment to his nemesis, Captain Bloom of the British Royal Navy.

By 1830, Peabody was robbing touring vessels, merchant ships, war ships, traders, and even other pirates throughout the Caribbean. It looked like he would own those endless, blue, warm waters, until he heard the voice.

Not certain if it was a the call of a lad (of legal age) or a sea hag, Peabody rolled the dice and sailed his entire crew into a low rolling fog in hopes of uncovering booty.

It turned out to be a sea hag (bummer), but she has a proposition: steal a ship with a magic figurehead and gain immortality.

Peabody stole the ship, but the figurehead was missing, stolen by another pirate.

He brought the ship back anyway and the sea hag was furious. She decided to give him immortality, but only after cutting Peabody’s head off and attaching it to a peg. Pegbody pointed out the metaphor of his head being cut off was backward and the sea hag cast his head off into the sea.

His head floated for months until it finally washed into the frozen shores of Arfk.

Flubby McFlapperkins was a 14 year old sad sack of mute and actually stupid. It wasn’t for lack of effort in school or his inability to bring up the other half of a conversation, he was just dumb. He was also really strong and a little into beach combing. Beach combing became his favorite hobby since he had no friends, and spent most of his day doing that and moving enormous basalt rocks, looking for glittering treasure, but usually only found whale parts and garbage.

One day, he found a talking head on a stick, stuck into the turf like a sad tiki torch or a bizarre, pirate-themed party favor from the Oriental Trading catalogue and they became friends.

They both bond over being cast off, and protect each other. Pegbody’s sharp tongue crushed the simple minds of Flubby’s only slightly-less simple tormentors (fat jokes are easy when you are, literally, a stick) and Flubby agreed to hunt down the sea hag with Pegbody.

Cap'n PegBody and Flubby McFlapperkins

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